Front Door Social & Charity Club

Faithfully Serving the Community

Alfred “Fats” Gary opened the Front Door Club in the early 1970s. It didn’t take the community long to embrace Fats as an individual who was both committed and passionate about helping others in his community. Fats and the Front Door Club quickly emerged as the hub for charitable deeds that helped many individuals and families who faced financial hardships. Unselfish and without any fanfare or public acknowledgement, Fats made sure those needs were met.

Fats was wise enough to envision the need to both grow and sustain his charitable endeavors beyond any one single person. So as a group of concerned African American men gathered across the ferry at Kirby LInscomb’s beach house for a Memorial Holiday gathering, Fats promoted the concept for an organization to help meet the many needs of the community. The Front Door Social and Charity Club was formally founded March 30, 1987, by the following members:

  1. Alfred “Fats” Gary
  2.  Jewel Gary
  3. James Hawthorne
  4. JC Shannon
  5. Rudolph Spiller
  6. Willie Ransom
  7. Charles White
  8. George White
  9. RC Williams

On April 15, 1987, the FDSCC went on to become incorporated as a non-profit corporation with the purpose to assist, educate and respond to the needs of the people.

On August 12, 2004, the club received its Federal Income Tax exempt status as a 501 (c) (3) Public Charity.

Over the years, the FDSCC endured the test of time and has become one of the most visible and consistent civic organizations in Galveston County. The club has consistently met the purpose for which it was founded.


  1. Awards 4 “Julian Byrd” Scholarships and the Alfred “Fats” Gary Memorial Scholarship annually to deserving Galveston County high school seniors furthering their education by going on to college.
  2. Promotes community uplift through donations to various civic organizations such as The Boys and Girls Clubs and various organized Little League sports.
  3. Makes donations to individuals and families facing financial hardships due to unexpected circumstances.

While the club provides assistance throughout the year, the biggest assistance is given during the Christmas Holiday season in the form of food baskets and toys given to residents of the mainland.

The FDSCC raises funds to support our charitable giving by conducting fundraising activities such as:

  1. Annual Juneteenth Softball Tournament
  2. JC Shannon Fish Fries
  3. Christmas Raffle
  4. Bus Tours

The club also conducts Voter Registration Drives throughout the year as well as an annual Health Awareness Fair and Family Day for the last two years.

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